MAX Press Release: Dedicated Sales Members at MAX Awarded for Continued Growth & Success

03.17.2021 |

Plainview, NY, (March 17, 2021) – From expanding existing customer’s needs, opening new accounts, and training dealers through engaging virtual experiences, the dedicated sales team at MAX has persevered through a tough 2020 with new ways of assisting, maintaining and growing relations with our dealers and customers. MAX has seen the resiliency that our team members possess to keep construction activities and operations moving in the field, by working directly with their customers to address their needs.

Ron Pedzinski, Western Regional Sales Manager was awarded 2020 Best Regional Sales Growth Award, for his ability to increase his region up 43% compared to last year’s total. This tremendous expansion was a major contribution to MAX’s overall growth and success. For the last six years, Ron has worked with his team closely to identify best practices to help nurture, grow and bring new opportunities onboard. His continued success, and ability to motivate his team in the West will continue to showcase MAX’s ability as a leader in the building material market.

Also bringing great success to MAX from the West Coast, Gary Tharp, who has been growing with the sales team for the past five years. Gary grew his territory 55% higher compared to 2019 and made extreme efforts and success with both his dealers and customers, which led him to being awarded Best Territory Sales Growth and a well-deserved promotion of Senior Sales Executive. “Gary has raised the expectations of what it means to be a true team player at MAX – His ability to help MAX dealers get the proper training on our growing product lines not only helped his efforts but provided them the keys to nurture their internal goals and help get the right tools in the hands of their loyal customers.” – Ron Pedzinski, Western Regional Sales Manager

When it comes to executing strategic goals and delivering results, Frank Hernandez knows just how to make that happen. Receiving award for 2020 Best Salesmen, Frank showcased his ability to focus on MAX’s goals while also increasing sales in the North East territory. Frank goes above and beyond for his clients needs by working with them direct on jobsites, expediting new purchases when needed, and also providing training to ensure that his dealers know exactly how to convey the quality and safe operations of each tool.


MAX USA CORP. is headquartered in Plainview, NY, and is owned by MAX CO., LTD. which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. MAX has been recognized as a market leader in the quality manufacturing of tools for nearly 80 years. MAX has several divisions employing more than 2,000 people worldwide, including 200 R&D engineers.

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