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About PowerLite® Fasteners

MAX manufactures specialty fasteners for different types of heavy-duty concrete and steel applications to work with the MAX PowerLite® 500PSI system. MAX PowerLite® 500PSI system enables contractors to work more productively and extremely cost effectively at every jobsite where you may have use Gas operated or Powder actuated tools (P.A.T) currently. MAX PowertLite Fasteners come with either 50 pins (For HN120) or 100 pins (For HN25C) in a coil which maximizes efficiency by reducing reloading of tools. The HN120 and the HN25C PowerLite® High Pressure tools are lightweight and compact yet powerful and are the ideal tools for shooting a variety of heavy-duty applications such as Steel I-beam and Concrete in jobsites.

Available PowerLite® Fasteners

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  • Shoots from 5/8” to 1”Concrete/ Steel Pins
  • Your lightest alternative for attaching drywall track to concrete only 4.4lbs.
  • Slim contact nose helps to consistently drive pins for fastening metal studs.
  • 100 pin magazine capacity
  • Shorter contact stroke, less pressing load makes much less effort to shoot pins.
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  • Shoots from 9/16” to 2-1/2” Concrete/ Steel Pins
  • This extremely powerful (2,231 inch lbs. driving force) high pressure MAX nail gun can shoot a variety of fasteners into steel or concrete.
  • The HN120 is a faster, safer and a more cost effective alternative to powder actuated tools.
  • Ultra lightweight at 6.4lbs.
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