A unique system engineered for
a wide range of fastening applications

Power beyond the limits of standard 100 PSI pneumatic tools with the PowerLite® system.
Designed with a lightweight body and engineered for heavy duty applications, PowerLite® tools are built to shoot through steel, concrete and engineered woods.

The Powerlite® High Pressure System
Works For Many Fastening Applications

  • Light Gauge Steel to Concrete (i.e. drywall track installation)
  • Light Gauge Steel to Steel I-beam (i.e. drywall track installation)
  • Wood to Concrete (i.e. sill plate installation)
  • Wood to Steel (i.e. window framing)
  • Wood to Light Gauge Steel (i.e. wood sheathing installation)
  • Engineered Wood Framing

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Powerlite® Tools for Wood Application

LSL(Laminated Strand Lumber) and LVL(Laminated Veneer Lumber) are commonly used in residential housing construction for structural integrity and durability. Shooting nails into these materials is challenging because of their density and hardness. Due to the higher volume of compressed air delivered by the PowerLite system, these tools can easily drive through these materials.

Powerlite® Tools for Steel I-Beam Application

Avoid wasting time and materials when fastening steel i-beams. The HN120 and HN25C eliminate the lengthy time spent predrilling with a hammer drill and the poor stick rate of powder actuated tools. MAX manufactures a variety of steel pins (between 9/16" and 2") that deliver instant fastening and have a superior stick rate.

Powerlite® Tools for Concrete Application

Renovating buildings with old concrete or shooting through ceilings where concrete aggregates have settled presents challenges for traditional powder and gas tools. The PowerLite HN25C and HN120 have an excellent stick rate in concrete 6,000 psi or more The PowerLite .157" AccuEmbed Pin are extremely robust and work with the HN120 for exterior metal track applications.

Cold Formed Steel

Blocking and exterior sheathing are time consuming applications which require self drilling screws(SDS) or pre-drilling steel for proper hardware installation. The MAX HN120 steel pinner shoots helical pins into cold formed steel faster than SDS or pre-drilling operation.

First impression was wow this is a powerful tool. Everything from fastening plywood to steel, tubing to concrete, framing jobs and more has been 10-fold for us. If you haven't been exposed to the PowerLite® system you need to start investing in this tool. We have 18 tools currently and haven't had a single problem with any of them. The no waste, reliability and fast operation has been a huge help on each of our sites.

- Mr. Mike D.
West Bridgewater, MA General Contractor

I think it's a great product. The lightness of the gun and just a consistency of the nail, not jamming up in the gun. Definitely worth it. The gun is small enough, so you can reach in and out and get into some tighter spaces

RG Construction Chicago, IL

It's not a heavy tool than the guns we used before. We spent a lot of time and money with problems of gas or batteries before. You only use the air hose, and you just shoot the rest of day. Now I can see the difference.

- Mr. Ricardo Sandoval
Foreman of Anning & Johnson Company Tysons, VA

The industry has been looking for something like this for awhile. The minimized weight, size compared to P.A.T. is great but the performance is even better. MAX has developed the tools and the fasteners needed for a versatile job. Everything from drywall, metal track, waterproofing and more has been made possible with the PowerLite® system.

- Mr. Leo P.
Drywall Contractor, Santa Clala, VA

It cut my time off by at least 4 or 5 hours, maybe even more

- Mr. Joseph Miller
Class Division Hardwood, San Antonio, TX

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MAX manufactures specialty fasteners for different types of heavy-duty concrete and steel applications to work with the MAX PowerLite® 500PSI system. MAX PowerLite® 500PSI system enables contractors to work more productively and extremely costeffectively at every jobsite where you may have use Gas operated or Powder actuated tools (P.A.T) currently. MAX PowertLite® Fasteners come with either 50 pins (For HN120) or 100 pins (For HN25C) in a coil which maximizes efficiency by reducing reloading of tools.

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The MAX PowerLite® compressors are an ultra quiet, safety equipped, dual tank and lightweight. The AKHL1260E and the AKHL1260EX are able to compress aire up to 500 psi and can operate in low voltage and low temperature environment. The AKTH13 has a capacity to expand upto 5.7 Gal. to help provide powerful performance while minimizing the time needed to be recycled when continuous fastening a multiple tools are being used.

Automatic System Adjustments for Maximum Performance

An inverter circuit on the optimize performance depending on the voltage level

Ultra quiet

Built with a D.C. Brushless motor that is more powerful, quieter and lighter than conventional motors

Air Release Lever

Easily drain air and water from the compressor at the end the day.

4 Air Outlets

4 Rir-outlets provide flexibility. 2 outlets for high pressure tools. 2 outlets for regular pressure tools.