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MAX is a leading international manufacturer of office products. With more than 70 years of manufacturing experience, MAX has been developing innovative, state-of-the-art products that set the industry standards for quality and reliability.
Our staplers and staples hold the No.1 share in their product category in Japan. In addition, MAX is recognized by customers across Asia and the Middle East as the top-quality manufacturer.
MAX provides high quality products that are meant to last and end stapling frustration for all users. We may not be the well-known brand, however once someone tries a MAX stapler, they never go back to using any other brand.
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Please contact your local office supply dealer for MAX staplers and other office products.
MAX Products are also available through a large variety of online resellers.
If you have any problems ordering, please contact MAX USA CORP. for assistance.

Contact person: Carolyn Martello
Phone number: (800)223-4293 ext.1011 or press 4 for Office Products
Customer Service (9:00AM - 5:00PM/EST)
E-mail address:
MAX developed Flat Clinch stapling system in 1987 and those Flat Clinch staplers are now known by all around the world.
Not all MAX staplers require special staples. Our standard staplers work with any standard staple and our HD-12 series of heavy-duty staplers can use any heavy-duty staple with a ½ crown width and appropriate leg lengths.
5-year limited warranty on all manual staplers.
3-year limited warranty on all electronic / electric staplers.
Warranty repairs in North America can be sent with a copy of your original invoice as proof of purchase date to:

205 Express Street
Plainview, NY 11803
Attn: Service Dept.

For any out of warranty repairs please visit at or call (800)223-4293 press 4 for Office Products Customer Service.


Our "Flat Clinch" closing feature ensures the staple will be totally flat at the close no bent or crushed staples no finger cuts, clothing snags, papers stack neatly and evenly, reduces filing space by as much as 25%.
MAX offers a full line of Flat Clinch staplers.
MAX's unique stapling mechanism enables precise and light stapling. The mechanism clinches the staple, even when the entry angle changes due to the thickness of the document. Our special fine (thin wire) staple allows the staple to penetrate through thick documents with extreme ease.
For more information, visit at
Twin-lever mechanism cuts stapling effort by 30% - 50% depending on the model allowing you to staple through thick documents with ease.
Depending on the number of sheets you need to staple and required throat depth we have 3 models available.

Electronic Stapler Maintenance

EH-20F is approximately 12 ft.
EH-70F is approximately 12 ft.
EH-110F is approximately 6 ft.

Check Writers

1-year limited warranty on MAX Check Writers.
The currency cannot be changed, and we do not have any models with multi currencies available. The check writers print the USD symbol $ in front of the digits and cents sign afterwards. This cannot be changed it automatically prints that way to prevent anyone from adding additional numbers before and after the amount.
No, the check writer prints and embosses the dollar amount only to prevent anyone from altering the amount of the check, money order, certificate. etc.
Yes, there is already a black ink roller installed.
Additional R-50 ink rollers can be ordered from your supplier.
The color of the print is black. Red ink be special ordered.
No, the Check Writers only print in one color.
3,000 impressions
Yes both models can print the original plus 2 copies (3 part check or money order).
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