Since MAX developed the World’s First battery powered rebar tying tool, MAX has continued improving rebar tying technology which led to the invention of the Twintiers. With the latest technology allowing approx. ½ sec per tie, up to 5,000 ties per charge, and delivering just the right amount of wire for added productivity, Twintier are the best and most innovative rebar tiers in the Industry. Today, MAX manufactures a full line of Twintiers that can tie between #3 x #3 up to #10 x #9 rebar.



Road and bridge jobsites are very time sensitive and getting the rebars tied on time before the scheduled concrete pour is crucial. With some areas in the country experiencing shortage of labor, rebar tying tools are the perfect solution to quickly finish snap ties and allocate your skilled labor force to where it counts more. Using rebar tying tools can help your team alleviate the risk of carpal tunnel and other muscular skeletal diseases by making snap ties with a quick trigger pull or by simply placing the rebar tying tool in between rebar as well.
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The wire pull-back mechanism in Twintiers allows the tools to only use as much wire needed for specific rebar combinations. This means the tools leave less wire waste at the bottom of the panels, which means less cleaning to do at the end of the day. Tilt Up panels typically use the perfect bar size for our Twintier line up.
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Tilt Panel


Precast plants are always looking for ways to increase production and ship as many products out in a given time period. MAX Twintiers tie at approx. ½ sec per tie and can turn first day rebar tying employees into seasons veterans when it comes to fast snap ties. MAX Twintiers also tie with consistent strength and tightness to hold the rebar in place when cages and other rebar products need to be moved around the field.
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which TWINTIREs are being used.

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