MAX Press Release: MAX LETATWIN LM-550A2BH Tube Marking Machine for Wire & Device Identification

09.17.2021 |

MAX Tube label maker for cables and panels Letatwin LM550A2BH-PC

MAX USA CORP. announces the availability of the LM-550A2BH tube marking machine to the United States and Canadian market. MAX decided to develop this new lineup to expand new business opportunities as well as meet demands of the market. The previous model, LM-550A is replaced by LM-550A2BH. Both of the tube marking machines can use the same consumables such as ink ribbon and tube.


MAX LETATWIN LM-550A2BH is portable, high speed thermal transfer printer for control panel marking, wire numbering, and device labeling. Using thermal transfer technology, it is ideal for printing directly onto heat-shrink and PVC tubing and for printing on MAX polyester tapes for marker strip labeling. Unique features include the ability to make half-cut or full cut parts, a warming element and optional battery power capability. Our enhanced software LETATWIN PC Editor and driver can be downloaded from our website. Connect to a computer and print directly to the machine, or save marker data to the machine's large internal memory and take it with you on-site. Engineered for high productivity and robust environments, including a shock resistant rubber keyboard, you will use your LETATWIN trouble free for many years to come.


Additionally, MAX would like to announce the availability of the Grip Tube and Markable Slide Plate along with the LM-550A2BH to the market. To learn more about these new products, visit us at the LM-550A2BH product page.