MAX USA Corp. Launches SuperRoofer® Promotion

10.30.2020 |

Designed to deliver extreme driving power the SuperRoofer® (CN445R3) is the fastest roofer on the market and the most sought-after tool offered by MAX USA Corp. As inventors of the world's first pneumatic roofing nailer in 1982, our team of engineers, R&D experts, and designers have come to pride themselves on the ability to pioneer this top of the line professional grade pneumatic roofing nailer for the past 35-years. and continue to outperform each and every time. To help support and promote all roofing projects, MAX is offering an exclusive promotion through our US and Canada based dealers with special pricing and a free Bluetooth speaker with every SuperRoofer® purchase until the end of 2020 while supplies last.

Whether installing roofing shingles or placing vinyl siding, with our optional contact accessory, the SuperRoofer® has been carefully designed with enhanced performance features to assure a clean and flawless job. One of the most notable features is the full round driver blade. This driver blade helps deliver the complete operating force needed for each nail and ensures a smooth straight shot and no curling or cupping of the nail head, which can damage the shingle above. A hidden feature on the CN445R3 is the fact that the tool can clean itself with our self-cleaning nose.  When we developed this tool we added a patent pending feature on the contact foot and nose to remove excess tar from the tool.  The buildup of tar on roofing tools, happens, this is a constant problem for contractors.  The MAX CN445R3 can clean that tar off and continue to operate longer than competitors’ tools, keeping tools operational for the contactor.  They will still require maintenance but less frequently than other tools in the market.

The team at MAX is pleased to launch this end-of-year promotion and is happy to support all efforts of construction at this time. The SuperRoofer® is one of many MAX tools that has been upgraded, improved, and adapted to ensure continued use for generations. From best optimal safety features to enhanced performance markers, the continued feedback, support and loyal customers help shape each and every tool MAX offers.