Getting Social with MAX USA Corp. as a #MAXSuperInfluencer in the World of Construction

11.23.2021 |

Have you been told that your attention to detail on a jobsite is strong? Maybe you find yourself constantly taking progress photos and videos of your work, while talking about the tools you find most useful to get the job done. MAX USA Corp. is looking to see the professionals out there making an impact in the world of construction, and is proud to showcase their safety tips, tricks of the trade, but most importantly, their work! If you think you have what it takes to be a SuperInfluencer for MAX USA Corp. keep reading below and share your best work with us for consideration! To be considered, please carefully read the criteria, and submit your information via email.

MAXSuperInfluencer (Program Requirements)

  • Content producers must have a minimum of 30,000+ followers
  • You must be a fan and own MAX tools! We openly accept critiques and criticism – That is a big reason we pride ourselves on our R&D and engineering efforts; to deliver what you and your team have come to rely on for generations.
  • We are keen on a safety-first attitude – We will not tolerate or accept any footage or self- promotion that shows improper or dangerous use of any tools.
  • Outside of Instagram and YouTube channels, we would like to see all your business affiliated pages for consideration. Perhaps you recently participated in an editorial or testimonial, we would love to see it! Please include all links to social media pages and any relevant links to work or videos you have recently completed.
  • While we understand some of you are looking at the market for the best of the best brands, we cannot sign on any new influencers who is under contractual agreements with direct competitors to MAX USA Corp. If you have a question or concern regarding this, we would be happy to address it via email or phone during the review process.

#MAXSuperInfluencers (Program Benefits)

  • SuperInfluencer will have exclusive access to reviewing new tools and sharing it with their audience across all platforms, helping to drive awareness and hype.
  • MAX will provide at no cost tools to use on your jobsite for 90 days. If you provide the agreed upon content you will be able to purchase the tools at a highly discounted sale price or return to MAX.