New Battery Announcement!

04.28.2022 |

NEW Battery Announcement!


Plainview, NY, (April 28, 2022) MAX USA CORP. would like to announce our new MAX JPL91450A /JPL92550A 5.0Ah batteries. The increased Ah allows for more ties and cuts per charge for our rebar tying and cutting tools.
• Replacing the current 14.4V batteries, our new 5.0Ah JPL91450A batteries will allow RB441T and RB611T to tie up to 5,000 ties, RB401T-E to tie up to 4,500 ties, and RB398S to tie up to 4,000 ties in one charge.
• Replacing the current 24.4V batteries, our new 5.0Ah JPL92550A batteries will allow PJRC160 to cut up to 310 times on #5 rebar.
• Chargeable in current MAX JC925A chargers.
Batteries in our TWINTIERs, Rebar Tiers and our PJRC160 rebar cutter products will be switched to the new JPL91450A /JPL92550A batteries in a running change.