Rebar Tying Tools Revolutionizing Precast Plants! 30 Years of Rebar Tying Tools!

02.21.2023 |

Precast Concrete Plants can utilize an alternative solution for hand tying to reach maximum potential, meet deadlines and most importantly reduce injuries.


Every generation of MAX rebar tying tools brings greater efficiency and productivity to job sites around the world. From the original rebar tying tool RB262 in 1993 to the TwinTier RB401-E introduced in 2020. With over 30 years in experience, MAX has raised the bar when it comes to increasing worker efficiency, cutting operating costs for companies and reducing back and musculoskeletal injuries amongst reinforcing ironworkers.

With MAX celebrating it's 30 year anniversary for the world’s first battery-operated rebar tying tool and its release into the Japanese market in 1993, the rebar tying tools have gone into many different changes.

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