How the TwinTier® is Changing the Construction Industry!

03.03.2022 |

MAX Rebar Tie Gun product RB611T TwinTier up to #9 x #10 with 19ga tie wire

With the surge in construction from coast to coast, MAX has providing contractors with reliability and cost efficiency! With advanced technology evolving to create safer and more efficient jobs for end-users, contractors are beginning to bring in more of these tools to help overcome the labor shortage, rotational shifts, and also minimize job site injury. To help overcome and efficiently adapt to these new chal­lenges, MAX USA, Corp., is working with contractors and developers to sustain core business functions, in the field, by deploying the TwinTier® as an enhancement to rebar tying operations. As an alternative to hand tying or inefficient tools, the TwinTier® is delivering a multitude of benefits to contractors from cost-savings in materials and time, increased productivi­ty, efficiently support labor shortages and overall safer job site operations

At 5,000 ties per charge at approximately 1/2 second a tie, the TwinTier® series works effortlessly to keep up with the day-to-day operations on construction job sites. Not only does the TwinTier increase productivity, Its primary focus is the health benefits. Reinforcing workers are at a greater risk of developing musculosketal disorders to upper extremities (i.e. wrists, hands, fingers, and shoudlers) and lower extremites (i.e. knees, ankles, feet, and back) due to the reperative motion involved in the job of tying rebar.

Not convinced yet? We offer free jobsite demonstration where we let you handle the TwinTier® yourself! Click here to schedule a demo!