MAX USA CORP. Releases New PowerLite High Pressure Coil Framing Nailer

04.01.2018 |

Mineola, NY, April 2018- MAX USA CORP. announces the availability of its new PowerLite High Pressure Coil Framing Nailer, the HN90F.

This MAX PowerLite High Pressure Coil Framing Nailer has the power to drive nails through engineered lumber such as LSL and LVL.  It can shoot 1 ¾” to 3 ½” wire collated nails and 1 ¾” to 3” plastic collated nails.  At only 5.7 lbs., the HN90F is approximately 40% lighter than most conventional coil framing tools, without sacrificing power.

The HN90F has a patented maintenance free end cap filter that prevents foreign substances from entering the tool body.  This filter has a self-cleaning feature that automatically ejects foreign substances when the air hose is disconnected.  The HN90F has a load capacity of 300 nails and at less than 13" in height, is 12% shorter than conventional coil framing tools.  The HN90F is also equipped with an easy load magazine, tangle-free swivel fitting, adjustable belt hook, and depth adjustment dial.

MAX PowerLite tools work exclusively with MAX PowerLite air compressors, which are known for their portability and ability to hold compressed air at 500 PSI.  MAX PowerLite compressors are fitted with 4 air-outlets; 2 outlets for high pressure tools and 2 outlets for regular 100 PSI tools.  PowerLite compressors are powered by a DC-Brushless motor and have an inverter circuit that adjusts the RPM to extract maximum performance at different voltage levels.  This technology allows start-up in cold weather and operation under poor electric supply conditions (down to 70 volts without popping the breaker).

MAX developed the world’s first High Pressure pneumatic nailing system and introduced it to the Japanese market in 1994.  For the past two decades the MAX PowerLite High Pressure system has revolutionized the construction industry in Japan.  Powered by 500 PSI technology, MAX PowerLite tools are approximately 40% lighter and 20% smaller than most competitors’ tools without sacrificing power.  In 2003 MAX PowerLite systems became available in North America.

To learn more about the PowerLite High Pressure Compressors and Nailers you can call MAX at 800-223-4293 or visit us on the web at