Dedicated Sales Team at MAX Hits a Strong First Half

08.17.2020 |

The sales team at MAX hit a strong first half throughout the US this year. With the growing TwinTier platform and PowerLite high pressure tools the market has shown high interest in the products offered to the construction market. Southwest Regional Sales Executive, Gary Tharp had the largest regional growth, whereas John Parsons, Midwest Regional Sales Executive increased his profit margin with an exceptional growth.

Since 2016, Gary Tharp has been working with new and existing clients at MAX to bridge his forty years of sales experience full circle – The leadership quality and ability to encourage contractors to integrate the technical innovations through MAX, has proven to be no difference. With a successful growth in the Southwest territory, Gary has found that the tilt-up construction market seems to be one of the increasing ways for contractors to keep the workforce moving. “Being able to educate our clients on how our TwinTier platform can deliver cost and time effective measures in the field has proven to be extremely beneficial. Additionally, we are finding that because of these key deliverables, the labor shortage can be overcome with the integration this technology.”
– Gary Tharp, SW Regional Sales Executive


When it comes to influencing the construction market with new opportunities to address day-to-day challenges, John Parsons works with his clients to identify their processes to help evolve core operations in the field. With a personal sales increase in just the 1st half of this year, John has demonstrated that being an active member in this industry and working to provide a service peddles itself. “For the past six years I have worked onsite with our growing partnerships to support their solutions and help them maintain dependability, efficiency, and above all safer operations. Specifically, with the RB401T-E, I have been able to demonstrate this breakthrough rebar tying technology and how it is shaping road and bridge sites. We have an extremely unique tool that is allowing ironworks to deploy the technology in an upright position that avoids the constant back pain and injuries as a result from the labor-intensive work.”

– John Parsons, Midwest Regional Sales Executive