How the TwinTier is Delivering Reliability & Supporting the Surge in Transportation Construction During COVID-19

09.22.2020 |

Executive Overview:

From the busy streets of Manhattan to the Golden Gate Bridge, America’s iconic cities and their roads have come
to a standstill since the COVID-19 Pandemic struck in March 2020 with its mandated stay-at-home orders. As a result, the US felt a crash similar to the financial crisis of 2007, with an economy and job market quickly crumbling. Taking advantage of the empty railways and streets, state authorities such as New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo to Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis are expediting roadwork and transportation developments to help recover the economy, while avoiding the crowding and traffic that usually increase with these large-scale projects.

“We remain committed to improving our transportation infrastructure through strategic innovation, by significantly relieving traffic congestion, this reconstruction project will provide motorists a more effective way to travel through the region. Additionally, it will add capacity for future growth and improve connectivity for Tampa’s residents, businesses and visitors.” Governor DeSantis.

As our essential supply chain from manufacturing, logistics, all the way through to O&M, slowly starts to prevail, these foundational businesses are working hard to support con- tractors who are looking at ways to properly maintain state guidelines and practices of social distancing, while ensuring project deadlines and critical operations stay on track.

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