Real Deal Review: Rebar Tying Guns

11.15.2020 |

Real Deal Review: Rebar Tying Guns

JLCReview of RB441T & RB398 with Tim Uhler of Pioneer Builders Inc.

Back in 2012, I reviewed the MAX RB397 rebar tying gun. Work was slow then, but we had landed a foundation and framing job for another builder, so I asked to review the rebar tying gun because I thought it would really help us out on the foundation. I sent the gun back after using it for a week (which was the stipulation from the rep), but never stopped pining for that tool, because I was right: it had drastically lowered the hours we spent tying rebar. When the market rebounded a couple of years later, we decided to finally buy that MAX gun. We self-perform the foundation work, framing, siding and some flatwork here at Pioneer Builders Inc. and the rebar tying gun turned out to be a very good investment for our two-person crew, especially since we ended up building a series of very steel-intensive foundations.

MAX introduced a new version of the gun earlier this year, the MAX RB441T Twintier gun, which we had the opportunity to try out recently. We also have been using Makita's 18V rebar tying gun for over a year, giving us the chance to compare the two guns and discuss why spending so much money on a tool - over $2000 - is worth it.

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