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It is a printer that uses a heat element to create lettering and pictures transferred on to a substrate.
A thermal printer uses a heated platen to transfer colored resin ribbon onto the surface of the label material.
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Yes, but it is not recommended. Due to the wide range of tapes and ribbons used in printing, the operator has to be at the printer to confirm the correct materials. If multiple people are trying to print on different materials at the same time, it can be very confusing! It is best to download the software to individual computers to create designs, but send it to one computer near the printer for printing.
The main difference between our printers and all of our competition is the plotter cutter that is an integral part of the printer. This means there is no need for precut labels kept in inventory or waiting for pre-cut stock to come in before you can print labels. For more information, visit at
Our tapes are the rolls of the material that you use to create your signs and labels. They are rolls of vinyl or polyester (PET) coated with permanent acrylic adhesive.
Our ribbons are made out of a resin that is the media that transfers on to the tape to create printing and images.
The rolls are 4” or 8” x 49 feet long depending on which Bepop printer you own. The number of labels is dependent on the size and shape of the labels. Since you can make any size and shape label the yield per roll is best determined by the square inches of the label you need divided into 49 feet. Keep in mind the software will make the best use of the tape.
The ribbons for the CPM-100 are 4” x 180 feet. The ribbons for the CPM-200 are 8” x 165 feet. The number of labels is dependent on the size and shape of the labels. Since you can make any size and shape label the yield per roll is best determined by the square inches of the label you need divided into 180 feet or 165 feet. Keep in mind the software will make the best use of the tape.
All of our materials are designed for 5-year performance indoors or outdoors for a large range of environments. However, every application environment is unique and performance may vary due to onsite conditions. Please contact our Max Company staff to discuss our technical data if you are concerned about your environmental performance.


You can use the CD that comes with the printer, or download from our website, or go to the link below. You can download the software as many times as you wish, there are no individual licenses required:
There are approximately 400 pre-set templates for common OSHA and ANSI required labels loaded in the software. You can also make changes to these templates to meet your requirement.  
The software is similar to many label making software packages. You use various icons in the software for different elements in a label design such as copy, symbols, borders, barcodes, cut shapes and many more!
Open the Bepop PC EX, click on the icon of “Templates” on the top, far right next to the icon of “Insert color symbol”. Templates menu will open. Choose from categories by opening the drop-down menu, and open templates from the wide range of signs and labels in the category.
No, you need to use the MAX Bepop PC EX software, however you can import images and databases from other software.
It is necessary to also install the printer driver to open the software. If you cannot connect to a CPM unit with a USB cable, it is possible to install the driver using the LAN installation. Please follow the directions for LAN installation in the operation manual. Driver installation will complete even when entering “dummy” numbers for the IP address.
Open the software and click on the icon of “Insert object”. Browse your computer for the file you need, and click the [open] button. It will appear on the design page.
First make sure all of your design elements have been grouped together and it is the size you want it to be using the icon of “Group”. Then select your design and click on the icon of “Auto copy”. From here you can choose the number of copies. The software will automatically lay out the copies for printing.
Yes. Once you have downloaded the software and have opened it, you will see a question mark icon in the top center of the page. Click on this and it will open our complete step by step directions to any function you would like to use in the software.
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There is generally no maintenance required. It is best to keep it in a dust free an environment, so the dust doesn’t get on the tapes. Dusty environments can result in the printing where the ribbon bonds to dust instead of the tape surface. We offer cleaning and tune ups for customers for USD 200.00.
Yes, we offer a five-year limited warranty on the printer with one print head replacement within the first year of ownership. This information is written on our website at
The blade life is approximately 9,842 feet so it should last a long time depending on how often you use your printer. Replace it when you aren’t getting clean sharp cuts, and the matrix (waste portion) cannot be pulled away effortlessly. You can adjust the depth of the cutting tool by using the dial on the outside of the printer in order to use the cutting blade for a longer period. Be careful not to cut too deep, or it will be difficult to remove the label.
Open the printer and locate the plastic gray blade holder on the plotter arm. (it looks like a toothpaste cap) Remove the cap of the blade holder and the old blade. A new blade will have a protective RED rubber tip and a cone shape tip on the other end that is exposed. Remove the red rubber from the tip. The chisel shaped end is the working part of the blade. Make sure to insert the blade in the hole pointing down. Do not insert the blade by force, instead of the cutting tool and tighten just to the point it is firmly in place, do not force or overtighten the cap.
The cutting depth is controlled by the dial on the outside of the printer. You should start at the 3 setting for vinyl and 3.5 to 4 for polyesters. Test to make sure you are cutting deep enough to cut cleanly through the label material but are not cutting into the silicone coating of the paper liner. Doing so would make it difficult to remove the label from the liner. 
To replace the ribbon in the plastic cartridge, first open up both sides of the cartridge, remove the empty core and waste roll. Next, transfer the plastic ends from the old roll to the cores of the new ribbon, making sure you are putting them in the same orientation as the old rolls. Re-Insert the new rolls making sure to insert the tabs into the slots. The clear shield with the label on it must be inserted also. This is where the chip is located so the printer can read it. Close cartridge doors and you are ready to keep printing!
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