The CPM series by MAX has virtually limitless applications and is used in various industries all over the world. From universities and train stations, to factories and space programs, everyone has found a use for our custom marking system. The CPM combines a high precision cut-plotter with durable thermal printing technology. In other words, it cuts and prints your exact design... and it looks good.

Printing signs and labels of any size and shape, from as few as just 1 label has benefited customers in the following ways:

  • Digitize your stock - Save sign and label files on your computer and print only what you need when you need it.
  • Decrease back-office costs for sign and label procurement.
  • Eliminate waiting period for signs and labels with on-site production.
  • Save time, save money, and improve processes.

High quality marking solution delivered by MAX

  • Highly durable labels (Resin ribbon is melted on to a softened plastic base using “Thermal Transfer” printing technology).
  • Print vibrant full color photos using CMYK printing (CPM-200GU only)

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  • 5 year printer warranty.

Easy to use features with MAX Bepop PC-EX software

  • Symbols and Templates:

    Choose from over 1,400 symbols and templates.

  • Auto Copy:

    Make automatic copies of labels, and let the software position the data in the most cost efficient way.

  • Serial Numbering:

    Serialize numbers and letters.

  • Barcoding:

    Make QR codes, UPC codes and much more.

  • CSV Database Connect:

    Automatically fill in labels using content from a spreadsheet.

  • Bepop Scan:

    Import company logos and symbols using Bepop Scan.

  • Photo Images:

    Print mono-color photo images.

  • Cut Lettering:

    Change letters from printing data to cutting data.

  • Bordering:

    Use the bordering tool to automatically draw a cutting line around shapes and letters.

Product Lineup


8 inch Wide Sign and Label Printing & Cutting Machine with process color capability

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4 inch Wide Sign and Label Printing & Cutting Machine

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