MAX TwinTiers are helping Maple Syrup Producers Improve Efficiency in a Major Way

10.18.2021 |

Plainview, NY, (October 15, 2021) Maple syrup producers across North America are switching to the TwinTier to shorten the time it takes to install maple sap tubing collection systems.

The MAX TwinTier® platform of tools provide a hassle-free battery powered solution for tying mainlines to wire. The TwinTier® works 5 times faster for tying mainline tubing to wire, compared to completing this process by hand. This time saving tool allows its users to quickly move on to the next phase of the installation process by reducing the amount of time it takes to complete the tying process.

TwinTier® tools form ties in approximately ½ of a second. Using the perfect amount of 19 ga. electro. galvanized steel wire the tool forms a tie that securely holds the mainline tube to wire.  The TwinTier® tool has a torque adjustment dial, so there’s no need to fear the wire cutting through or damaging the mainline tubing.

Download a copy of our Use Case to further understand the benefits of using the TwinTier® for the installation of maple sap tubing systems.

Our sales reps in the US and Canada are working diligently with various maple syrup producers to demonstrate the benefits of using the TwinTier® to help increase their productivity. MAX is committed to enhancing productivity in the field through the development of innovative product solutions. Our sales team is ready to travel to your jobsite to offer a no obligation jobsite demo: Click Here to Schedule Your Demo Today.